Glenview - Isle of Lewis Accommodation

Glenview is a superbly renovated, beautifully furnished self-catering cottage on a stunning site over one of the loveliest villages on the Isle of Lewis, with flexible accommodation for four people.

Hi u ri horinn horinn,
Hi u ri horinn an,
Hi u rib hi och is eile -
Leamsa b’eibhinn t’fhaicinn slan.

Nochdadh ri beanntan na Hearadh,
Nochdadh ri fearann na Pairc
Cianalas ri tighinn air m’aire
‘S gaol mo leannan ri dol bas.

Chunnaic mis’ thu as mo chadal
Ri tighinn dhachaidh as a’ bhlar,
Le do claidheamh caol a’ lasa
Cha b’ann g’am iarraidh-sa bha.

Ged a thigeadh traigh nach fhacas
Riamh a leithid anns an ait,
‘S iomadh sruthan de an chuan
Th’ eadar mi ‘s mo luaidh nach traigh.

Hi u ri horinn horinn,
Hi u ri horinn an,
Hi u rib hi och is eile -
I would rejoice to see you safe and well.

Appearing before the mountains of Harris,
Appearing before the land of Pàirc.
A longing growing within me,
and the love of my heart dying.

I saw you in my sleep,
coming home from the battle,
with your slender sword flaming,
but not wanting me.

Though an ebb would come
never before seen in the place,
There are many streams of the ocean
between me and my love that will not recede.

Fantastic holiday cottage, extremely well equipped and furnished to a very high standard.

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